Click your mouse to make desired pictures

Does it often happen that you have a great photo that needs some editing? Person has a unique opportunity to get good results just by few clicks.

iPiccy is a web application that makes it very easy to edit, improve the quality and share the outcome with friends or even printing images. A user just needs any kind of internet browser to do this.

This remarkable photo editor is equipped with such key features:

– fixing images in one click;

– cropping;

– rotating;

– strengthening;

– adding text layer, stickers, and professional retouch tools.


The built-in designer tool, which the iPiccy app has, makes the process of putting text and effects very easy. Also, there are coloring options that will make your picture very qualitative. User has an opportunity to upload his files from folder on his PC or his internet accounts like Twitter or Facebook. The system requirements are the following. Operating System must be Linus, Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X. Memory capacity (Ram) is 512 MB.

A quick banner maker

If you are going to create or you have already got YouTube channel then there must be a qualitative banner. In order to make visitors of user’s channel to remember it and watch it again and again, it is created iPiccy app. The tool at will help everyone to be represented in social media in the best way. Photo editor has integrated tools that can make an unforgettable design, which demonstrates the idea, feelings and thoughts of your channel. Now every person has the ability to form a perfect banner for YouTube. Here are some tips for making it:

– The first thing a user has to do is to upload the image to the application (Upload photo button);

– The biggest size of picture should be 2560 x 1440, but if you have larger then you have to choose it as cropping dimensions.

– Highlighted area shows the part of image you wish to keep. So, simply cut the unnecessary part.

– Press the Save button and receive the desired result.

If a person wants to have some text written, then before pushing Save he must take the Blender Tab that serves for adding text or stickers and layering photos. This button is located at the top line of the application. Then you have an opportunity to put any letters on the image and make use of some font. It is recommended adding text before selecting the font. In such way, you are able to observe all changes.

Also, there is a great possibility to improve the appearance of the face by whitening teeth. Web application has many functions. The editor is equipped with a kind of retouch effects that are able to edit a picture of teeth. Just few clicks of a mouse are needed to make the shining smile. Use retouch tab to edit your image.

As you can see editing photos can be simple and quickly. All a person has to do is use this user-friendly application.

Here is shown the main functions of a super iPiccy web editor that everyone has a possibility to use

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