One of the best ways to add to your online popularity is to make use of Instagram. You can buy likes or followers on Instagram to build up your brand recognition. The idea of this strategy is to make your company’s presence well-known to the online community. You cannot afford to bypass this approach if you want to be well-recognised online.

If you decide to buy likes or followers, for instance, you need to understand that they won’t necessarily interact with you by default. You also need to offer interesting content in order to engage them once they are there. Try to place yourself in the shoes of the individuals who are following you. Then consider what, specifically, would make you engage with another Instagram account.

How to Increase Engagement Rates

Accounts that feature a skimpy number of posts often struggle with engagement rates. After all, it does not look like you have much to express. In order to stand out from other Instagram account holders, you need to post to your account regularly. You also need to place a new spin on the material you share, and be original and inventive.

Besides making it a habit to regularly buy Instagram likes, you want to cultivate an engagement rate of about two to four percent. That means, out of every hundred people, two to four followers should be interacting with you, either by liking your posts or commenting on them. Also, employing hashtags inside posts is a great way to draw further attention to your business. At the same time, you will be building up comments and likes for each post. Use this method to provide a way for users to connect to your posts, as well as to your account.

How to Lose Followers

Users of Instagram typically are not interested in following a company’s brand that only exhibits three pictures, or is only posting once every two weeks. Why post at all if you are going to make such a weak effort? By following this practice, you risk the loss of a great many followers. Don’t expect them to stay around if you pursue this course of action.


However, you also have to be careful about posting too often. Doing this clogs up your followers’ feeds, which, in turn, could cause them to unfollow you and label you as a spammer. And when you post, do not use low resolution images. Instead, make certain that each image posted is of a good quality, preferably high-definition (HD).

One ill-advised technique used to obtain followers is to follow other people for about five to seven days, then turn around and unfollow them. By that point, the user has probably followed you back, and when you unfollow them, they probably will have no idea that you made the move. This approach is not advised as people will usually catch on what you are trying to do, and you will get a reputation as a business that cannot be trusted. Rather, you are much better off to purchase Instagram likes instead.

There is no way around getting likes and followers except through an online purchase. Use this strategy to market your company and add to your online popularity.

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