Along with data being stored on various units such as USB Drives or HDDs, it’s important for people to learn how to make information remain there. Modern units are reliable and information doesn’t just disappear. The evolution of technology worked great for us, some may say, but there still are things we do not understand Sometimes, for various reasons information disappears from the storage unit without warning.

Partition loss problem

 Recovering deleted files and partitions is a pretty common issue, yet this problem is more difficult to solve than information loss. If a partition has gone missing, anything from that partition maybe forever lost. It’s easier when you have nothing important in the lost partition. You can simply create another partition using the Disk Management, or even repartition the hard drive. Often times, the lost partition contains important pieces of information and the loss would be quite unfortunate. There are 4 kinds of partition loss issues: Boot partition lost; all partitions are lost; boot partition is the only left; a number of partitions are missing from the drive. In the first and second case, issues appear because of unsuccessful OS installations. Here, blue screens or black screens can happen, meanwhile the boot process being stuck at a stage. In the third and fourth situation, you can see the partition(s) in the HDD after a successful boot.

The reason for partition loss

There are many reasons for partition loss, omitting the “pressed the wrong button” issue. Your hard drive could have a faulty partition table-a part of the HDD which displays the partitions to us-which could lead to the computer not being able to read the data written on that partition. Such losses could also be justified by viruses or system crashes. Viruses are hidden virtually everywhere and there is a virus for any task ranging from data theft to the destruction of data itself.

The way of getting partitions back

In order to try to bring your partitions back, you should visit the Disk Management. To do so, you’ll need to press Windows Key + R and in the window that pops up type devmgmt.msc, opening the Disk Management. There, you should have a list with all of your partitions. If the place where you should find your partition is shown as unallocated, then you can say for sure that your partition is lost. There are third-party applications and experts that could work on getting your partitions back.


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