In recent years, toilet and washroom hand dryer technology have improved drastically. Hand dryers are being installed increasingly and used in public restrooms over the traditional hand towel or removable paper. This is great for patrons because it is actually more hygienic to use and allows them to dry their hands thoroughly without having to handle towels that may already be damp, or search for the last square of removable paper on an old roll that needs replacing. It also means far less mess in the public washroom, as patrons won’t leave a wet mess of towels behind to be cleaned up afterward.

Finding the Best Hand Dryers for Public Restrooms and other Places

Companies like Dyson, for example, have radically changed the hand dryer market with the development of their Airblade technology. Not only does it dry hands very quickly, minimising the time spent in the public washroom or restroom, but is also reliable. There are a number of reputable and reliable companies who are only too willing to offer their advice and experience with specific units, taking into account your particular needs. For instance, Electrical Deals Direct is the one-stop marketplace for hand dryers, and they have the necessary experience to assist you.

There are some important criteria you will want to consider when it comes to choosing a hand dryer model for your needs:

Great New Hand Dryer

  • Power efficiency: Modern hand dryers are generally quite eco-friendly, but it is wise to bear in mind that all dryers will use electricity, and the more powerful it is the more it will generally use. Compare this with the paper towel, which doesn’t use any electricity at all, but costs more in other areas.
  • Reliability: Is the hand dryer going to be used in a high-traffic area? Is the public washroom heavily used, or is it for one of many office toilets and will only be subject to light to moderate traffic? The heavier the usage patterns, the more reliable the hand dryer needs to be. Bear in mind the build quality of the unit as well when choosing your hand dryer.
  • Performance: Though all hand dryers dry hands through the action of warm air, they are not all created equally. If high performance is of particular concern, it may be worth investigating a model like the Biolite. It will dry hands very quickly, but it costs much more than the budget models. Be careful not to invest in a model that does not dry quickly. You might find that your patrons don’t use it because of the time factor.
  • Ease of use: How easy is the unit to use? Dyson Airblade hand dryers, for example, are sleek and modern, but not everyone likes slipping their hands into the narrow channels to have them dried. Some of the budget-conscious models are simple nozzles, and this may suit your patrons better. Try to balance ease of use against performance and drying time.

Choosing the Right Hand Dryer

Choosing a hand dryer is not too difficult if you have the right advice. Consider usage patterns, unit performance, reliability, ease of use and price to determine what unit might suit the patrons best.