Dear readers, Within my last article I described about internet bandwidth usage, and today in the following paragraphs I will educate you techniques of growing your online speed and obtain most utilization of your available internet bandwidth. In the finish want to know ,, you’ll have the ability to configure your pc for much better internet surging experience on greater speed than in the past. So let’s begin.

Disable Automatic Updates: Whichever operating-system you use inside your computer, the majority are configured to download automatic updates and security patches in the vendor server automatically. It is best to disable it, and employ manual update when needed. Because, more often than not OS keep looking for updates in background also start download updates if available any in background leading to low speed internet experience.

Install Firewall to bar unauthorized access of the internet bandwidth: I’ve also described the significance and demand for firewall program inside your computer within my previous articles. Using firewall will help you block the backdrop application, using internet outdoors your understanding. Many major software programs like Ms word, Illustrator may eat your bandwidth to find automatic updates using their vendor sites, and you may be notified and requested for confirmation by firewall.

Disable Auto Oncoming of Unused Internet Application on logon: Many network programs like G talk, yahoo messenger, will get began when you begin your pc, you no longer need that you’ll require everything time you utilize your pc or internet. So, it’s suggested to disable them from “msconfig”, this can also enhance your computer logon speed and gratifaction.

Live protected with Anti-virus and it current with latest anti-virus definition installed: In case your computer is infected by virus, you’ll experience very lower internet speed, because the majority of the virus and programs infected by virus keep eating internet bandwidth naturally to spread over other network computer in order to contact their developer and send them your personal data like saved password inside your computer browser. Mainly infections are designed to break your pc, steal information out of your computer and spread their copy with other computer systems at all. So, keeping the computer protected against virus risks is extremely suggested in order to save internet bandwidth and much more to save your important personal information.