Samsung and Apple have a long-standing rivalry when it comes to the smartphone market. With each new edition of their phones, the two companies seemingly try their utmost to stay one step ahead of their rival.

In 2016, Apple released the iPhone 7, whilst Samsung brought out the Galaxy Note 7. These phones are the latest in the battle between the two companies for supremacy. They are both seen as the most sophisticated models yet, but they have still attracted a fair amount of controversy and criticism: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been criticised for the way some models have been reported to catch fire suddenly. This major design flaw is not just a PR headache for Samsung, it also puts mobile phone users at risk of receiving burns to their legs and hands. The newest iPhone was controversial because it is the first time that Apple has released a mobile device without a jack for headphones – something which music lovers and people hoping to keep conversations private have complained about at great length.

Beginning Of The Smartphone Rivalry

The first Samsung Galaxy smartphone was announced in April 2009, whilst the first iPhone released by Apple hit the market two years previously. The iPhone was the first phone to use a multi-touch interface and it caused a lot of excitement for technophiles and media organisations around the globe. Some in the American press even dubbed it the ‘Jesus phone’. Apple enjoyed dominance of the market until Samsung decided to release a model of their own.


Now, users have more power at their fingertips that ever before. The use of ‘apps’ means that it is easier than ever to do a range of essential tasks whilst on the go: a smartphone from either Apple or Samsung is now seen as more than just a device for making calls and receiving texts. Many people who came of age in the mid-to-late 2000’s now can’t imagine life without having their trusty mobile device in their pocket at all times. Cell phone unlocking has become a popular way for people to use their smartphone with any SIM card.


The Samsung and Apple rivalry has extended beyond the research laboratory and high street mobile phone shops. Apple has always maintained that the Samsung android phones are the result of the Japanese company simply copying their ideas to create a similar product with different packaging. Apple sued Samsung in 2011, alleging that there had been a breach of patents, trademark, user interface and style. At the same time, Samsung counter-sued over alleged infringement of mobile communications patents. After a short trial in 2012, Apple was awarded $10.5 billion in the case and Samsung were left empty-handed. Things got worse for Samsung when the judge decided that the amount awarded to Apple had been too low. In a 2013 retrial, Apple was awarded $290 million extra for a breach of patents, trademarks, the user interface and style.

Whilst some people may think that the Samsung and Apple rivalry started with mobile phones, they are mistaken. The two companies have a long and proud history of competing against each other in the field of electronics. Previously, the two companies have sought to outdo each other with home computers.

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