Mankind has always had the urge to communicate, and social media began way before computing was ever conceived, perhaps beginning with drum beating on hilltops, or smoke plumes to convey information to other groups. All kinds of methods have been used over the centuries to pass on the written word, birds, namely pigeons or ravens, have saved kingdoms with their precious messages. Horses took the majority of information from place to place, and then along came the telegraph in the late 18th century, and this changed everything.

One hundred years on, we had radio and the telephone, and suddenly we were able to send signals to far-off places, and social media began to change its form. The telephone gave instant communication across continents, something that we had never experienced, and this soon gave way to television.


In the 1940’s computers were put to work, and networks were created so different machines could talk to each other, and the idea for the Internet was formed. The Word Wide Web developed exponentially, as did the hardware and software industries, and Facebook arrived in the 21st century, bringing with it a new dimension in social media.


Created initially by a bunch of American University students, Facebook was limited to Harvard students, then other universities connected, and by the year 2006, anyone over 13 years old with a valid email address could join. Facebook soon became the huge success it is today, with billions of users worldwide, all able to video chat in real time, should they so desire. Sharing your life with your followers does give you a picture of what your friends are doing in their lives, which is something unique.


Modern web design

If we look at the latest Magento web design, we see a platform that can be viewed across a range of platforms from a desktop PC to a smartphone. Mobile use has empowered social media sites, with more and more people ordering products via their mobile device. Some forward-thinking web developers actually build the site for smartphone viewing, then fine tune it for desktops, and this reflects just how powerful a small device like a smartphone is. The latest version of iPhone has a camera that is up there with the best, can take HD video, can access the Internet, and using many Apps, can talk to anyone in the world, real time, with audio and video.

The business angle

In the early years, social media websites were regarded by business people as a social thing, and not worthy of attention, and while this may have been true back then, more and more consumers are using social media to purchase products. So, from the business angle, it makes sense to create a powerful presence in all the social media sites, and start to build a following.

The future of social media is total connectivity, with more and more Apps for different things, one can share many experiences with those friends and family members around the world, and ordering products has never been easier.

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