Electronic cigarettes have become very common during the past few years. In fact, vaping has become a major trend on the Internet. There are plenty of online forums and websites that focus exclusively on how to make a custom build and how to mix new flavours. Simply put, an electronic cigarette is a handheld electrical device that is used to vaporise a flavoured liquid. The user then inhales the resulting vapour. The e-liquid found in most electronic cigarettes is made from glycol, glycerine, nicotine, and polypropylene. Additional flavour is also added into the mix.

Globally, electronic cigarettes were introduced into the market back in 2004. They were marketed as a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes, even though there’s no certainty about the health concerns of using an electronic cigarette. However, as mentioned above, these electronic cigarettes do not contain any sort of tobacco, which is one of the key points that most companies use when marketing these products.

Within a decade of its introduction into the global market, the use of electronic cigarettes has grown dramatically. That’s mainly due to two reasons: the increase in awareness campaigns started by private organisations and governments about the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes, and the increased marketing efforts by companies that manufacture e-cigarettes. Here’s how electronic cigarettes became popular within just a short decade.

The Switch from Conventional Smokes

Many companies that manufacture electronic cigarettes started focusing on the market for traditional cigarettes. The worldwide cigarette industry is worth trillions of dollars, and more than 3 billion people all over the globe smoke cigarettes. The companies began to market their products by telling customers that electronic cigarettes were a viable alternative and could be used instead of conventional smokes. The main ingredient that causes addiction from a conventional cigarette is nicotine. Flavoured liquids used in electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine, so you’ll be able to experience the same sensation. Given the fact that electronic cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco, you also don’t need to worry about the deposition of tar on your lungs. Millions of people who used to smoke a pack a day started shifting from conventional smokes to electronic cigarettes.


The Decline in Smoking

Governments across the globe have introduced stricter awareness measures to enlighten people about the harmful effects of smoking. In fact, in third world countries (where smoking is more prevalent), governments have also started printing gruesome images of the impacts of smoking, along with warnings written in bold letters. This has deterred frequent smokers from buying cigarettes so often. As a result, many have instead moved towards electronic cigarettes. Vaping is slightly different from conventional smokes. If you are new to electronic cigarettes, you should start off by purchasing a basic starter kit. The starter kit comes with a number of different components, and it will give you an idea of how flexible electronic cigarettes really are. You can also purchase different e-liquids for use with the cigarette as well. A basic starter kit costs around $40, and you can purchase additional attachments as well.