Websites used to quickly rank for their chosen keywords usually by just creating keyword-rich content and creating links that have keyword-rich anchor text. However, as Google launched its Penguin and Panda algorithms, the SEO industry no longer has the quick wins.

Across all industries, the competition is too tight for white-hat techniques for producing such kinds of quick results. Unless you are an industry giant that has the top marketing budget compared to your competition, you will not get those top rankings for competitive keywords. However, this does not mean you have to give up on your SEO efforts. You still have hop to enhance your search engine rankings and increase your organic search results. Here are SEO strategies to help you increase ranking for keywords and your overall search rankings as effectively and quickly as possible.^A3D25DE Concentrate on Long-Tail Keywords

Perhaps you have already known this; however, it must be repeated. Although ranking for even 2-3-word phrases is unlikely to be attainable now as it was a few  years ago, concentrating on longer and more detailed keyword queries must be within your grasp. And as long-tail keywords are more specific and targeted to the searcher’s actual intent, the website visitors may convert.

Instead of concentrating on building keyword-specific pages, concentrate on building content which covers every angle of a certain topic. Rather than using a keyword or two again and again within your content, consider the long-tail keyword variations which relate to such topic and each of them must be used within your content once. With this you need to perform keyword search and must know how to determine long-tail keywords.


Articles which concentrate on every aspect of a topic, thus making sue of LSI and long-tail keywords in it, is considered more reputable, relevant and thorough than articles which use some competitive keywords repeatedly.

Remember that as search engine is constantly moving forward accommodating voice search, search and long-tail keywords has become even more necessary. This could mean concentrating on natural language queries such as “What is the Best shopping mall in Singapore” instead of “Clothing shopping Singapore. “


It is likely to take many years and a big marketing budget to rank for a highly-trafficked and competitive keyword such as car insurance. However, targeting the keyword “ca insurance for a teenager while traveling overseas” you are likely to get to the top of search engine ranking in a shorter period of time.

Create Buzz Across Brand Mentions

Although inbound links are an undoubtedly necessary ranking factor for search engine optimization, other ranking factors and algorithms made to detect manipulative links have diluted their power. A patent that Google recently filed showed that a shift is to be expected when it comes to how the search engine giant determines the authority of a website.

Whereas historically incoming links have identified the authority of a website, such patent signifies that implied links will soon be used. Such links are likely to include simple brand citations or mentions or “nofollowed links.”

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