If your device takes too long for getting charged or doesn’t even get charged properly, there are chances that you are using a wrong charger. In this guide, we’ll tell you about how to get a right charger for your device.

What Is A Charger?

Basically a charger is nothing but a device which re-energizes your device’s battery. Usually, chargers come with one standard connector out of USB-C, lightning and Micro USB. Other connectors such as Apple 30 pin and Mini USB are used only with old devices.

  • USB-C

This is also known as Type-C cable and is nothing but a ovaloid connector that can be inserted either way up. It is usually found with Windows and Android mobile devices made after year 2015. You can also see USB-C on some Windows computers and modern Mac.

  • Micro USB

It is one of the most famous connector which is used for non-Apple devices and accessories made between year 2008 and 2016. Its one side is lower as compared to the other which gives it a look like squashed semicircle.

  • Mini USB

It is used with older devices such as cameras, phones and sat navs, which are manufactured before 2008. Its connector has shape similar to a trapezoid.

  • Lightning

It is a connector which is used with Apple’s mobile devices. This connector sports gold lines on its either sides and can be inserted in either ways.

  • Apple 30 Pin

This connector was used with Apple’s devices between year 2003 and 2012. Its shape is similar to a thin rectangle and it is seven times wider than its length.

Charging Rate

The most important thing to know is that various chargers can charge at different rates, even if they have same connector. Powerful and bigger devices need chargers which operate at high milliamps. For instance, an iPod and iPhone will need 1.1A while an iPad will need 2.1A. In case you try to charge an iPad using charger of an iPhone, you will find it getting charged very slowly or in some cases not getting charged at all.

However, if you do it other way around, there’s not much problem. This means if you charge your iPhone (1.1A) with help of an iPad charger (2.1A), then your iPhone will get charged at 1.1A only, although there are chances of it getting hotter as compared to normal. Also, even if you charge your iPod Nano which uses 0.5A, with an iPad charger, no problem will be caused.

If you are planning to buy a new charger for your device, it’s important to make sure that you purchase the one which provides minimum required amperage. Also, you can pick from popular micro USB cable, which are available online at good prices.


Hope this guide will help you in picking the best charger for your device. For more information, you can go online and check the various types of USB cables available in the market and can pick the best one for your device.