If you’re ready to advertise your products, or your company, on the internet, you’re going to first have to create a commercial. Some companies, especially small businesses, decide to do as much of the work as possible themselves, in order to save a considerable amount of money. After all, a web commercial doesn’t have to be as good as a TV commercial, right? That’s not true, and companies who believe it is usually end up with a very amateurish looking commercial that doesn’t highlight what they’re selling or do a good job of showing potential customers why they need to shop with them. That’s just one of the reasons why you should put your trust in a professional production company. Here are some others.

Production Value

One of the biggest things a professional company brings to your commercial is their high-end production values. These companies know how to take a small budget and create the best commercial possible. They understand how to light a set, how to get clean, clear audio recordings, and how to edit video together to create a smooth video, that easily flows from start to finish, and is optimised for online content. It’s not the same as creating a TV commercial, and these experts understand that.

These companies also have a number of contacts in related industries. For example, they may know, or have contracted with, make-up artists, costume makers, prop companies, and others who can add their professional talents to your commercial. All of this improves the overall production value of your commercial and will make your ad stand on par with those done by your competitors.

They Have the Equipment

You probably don’t own a high definition video camera, boom mics, or any of the other equipment that you need to create a top quality commercial. As a top video production company in Sydney, Captiv8 has the high quality recording and editing equipment needed to create a high quality commercial.

While some people believe any video camera is good enough, that’s not true. Most personal video cameras are not high quality, nor do they contain all of the features needed to create a HD ad. The same is true for microphones and lower-end video editing software. Some of this home equipment isn’t even designed to transfer the video to a computer for editing.

Very few companies want to invest in buying this equipment due to its cost, and the fact that it does take time to learn how to properly use it. Some of the top end video editing software may require taking a training course in order to truly be proficient in it. Instead of making such as investment, it’s more affordable to partner with a video production team.

They Understand the Process

There’s a process to creating a great advertisement, and it actually starts before you write out a script, or select a location. You first have to develop a marketing strategy and define the scope of your ad. Then it goes into pre-production, which is where you create the script, find a location, decide on costumes, and much more. Finally, you actually film the commercial. Experts may film it multiple times rather than going with the first and only take. Finally, the video has to be edited, the soundtrack inserted, voice-overs recorded, and more.

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